"Having worked with Sandie for more than two years within the SESAR Joint Undertaking, I had the opportunity to fully appreciate her outstanding professional and human skills. Sandie is a very reliable person who always performs her tasks at a very high level of quality. In particular, she has demonstrated excellent pedagogical skills, designing very good training material and moderating training sessions by taking into account the different needs of the participants. Any person who has attended one of her trainings knows that she makes you feel at ease and confident about your success. In addition, due to her strong empathy and great communication skills, Sandie has proven to be an excellent coach, always willing to listen to her colleagues and to give them advice, including in difficult situations, and thus playing a facilitator role. Therefore, I recommend Sandie without any reservation for any position related to coaching, training and communication."

Marina Bylinsky, Consultant, BearingPoint, worked directly with Sandie at SESAR Joint Undertaking.

"Sandie est sans conteste une personne ayant une grande capacité d’écoute et qui fait preuve de beaucoup d’empathie. Elle sait parfaitement identifier les besoins des personnes qui l’entourent et mettra toute en œuvre pour les satisfaire. Sa capacité à reformuler et à transmettre des messages clairs font d’elle une excellente formatrice et coach. Sa parfaite maîtrise de l’anglais est un atout supplémentaire qui vient se rajouter à son professionnalisme. Elle est pleine de ressources et sait faire face aux difficultés . Elle est indéniablement quelqu’un sur qui on peut compter tant lorsqu’il s’agit d’organisation que de résoudre une situation difficile. Son sourire permanent fait d’elle une personne très agréable, à côté de qui il fait bon se trouver. Vous cherchez quelqu’un de confiance, capable de coacher et/ou de former vos collaborateurs, Sandie est la personne qu’il vous faut!"

Beatrice Foucaud Lepineux, HR Buisiness Partner at Terumo Europe, Beatrice worked with Sandie at different companies.

"Sandie is a very enthusiastic and skilled person, with high value standards. She has a broad set of skills, going from coaching over perseverance to creativity. Her drive is however what differs her probably most! A joy to interact with!"

Dorothy Clerens, Coach & Lead at The Coaching Network, Dorothy & Sandie were students together.

"Sandie est sans aucun doute une belle personne. Sa qualité de présence à l'autre, la pertinence de ses questions. L'efficacité avec laquelle elle met en place les outils dont elle dispose pour accompagner les personnes qui se confient à elle font d'elle une personne et un coach remarquable. De plus, elle coach avec la même efficacité en Français et en Anglais ce qui fait d'elle une ressource rare. C'est avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme que je vous recommande Sandie."

Christophe Godfriaux, Formateur PNL et Hypnose, Hypnopraticien, Christophe was Sandie's trainer.

"J'ai suivi deux années de formation en coaching avec Sandie. Une telle formation vous force à aller en profondeur et permet donc de bien connaitre l'autre. Outres ses compétences en coaching que je ne peux que souligner, j'ai également découvert pendant ces deux années une personne sensible, intelligente, attentive aux autres, courageuse et toujours prête à se battre pour aller plus loin, pour partager ce qu'elle a et apprendre toujours plus. Je ne peux que recommander Sandie qui sera pour vous une collaboratrice aussi efficace que sympathique".

Pierre De Lovinfosse, Coach ICF, PCC, Trainer, Author and Speaker, Pierre & Sandie were students together.


"Within SJU as Programme Manager and Advisor for Validation and Verification I was working with Sandie, her support in Quality and Control matters was of big importance. She was not only fulfilling her Q&C tasks, she also demonstrated excellent skills in understanding how to simplify and present complex context to the people by focusing on the “essential”. Sandie is creative and can easy communicate with people, motivate and support them being a good professional and team player. "

Melania Gagea, SJU Programme Manager, SESAR Joint Undertaking. 

"Passionnée par l’humain, Sandie fait preuve de beaucoup d’empathie et a toujours une oreille attentive. Dans un monde qui peut être parfois dénué de chaleur, elle sait apporter du réconfort à la relation tout en gardant une bonne dynamique".

Sabrina Patricia Geay Schuermann, Coach ICF & Coach Scolaire, Sandie & Sabrina studied together. 


"Within the post of Quality and Control, Sandie demonstrated a high level of skill and motivation, effectiveness, reliability and used her initiative to drive things forward. In addition to her normal post, she also demonstrated excellent training and coaching skills, an understanding of people and an ability to empathise with them. Sandie is also a natural at coaching should she decide to pursue that career path.”"

Paul DUNKLEY, SJU Programme Manager, SESAR Joint Undertaking, 


"Sandie is a gifted professional with great analytical skills. She is extremely committed and always endeavors to create value out of her job."

Florian Guillermet, Deputy Executive Director Operations & Programme, SESAR Joint Undertaking, 


"Sandie worked for me during more than 1 year, she was a very good team player, loyal, flexible and ready to support the team whatever the difficulty we had to face off. she has a lot of soft skills, especially her empathy that allows her to understand what people needs. This was appreciated in various situations and especially in the area of training : she developped very useful material that allowed me to successfully promote processes and rules."

Ludovic Legros, Programme & Quality expert, SESAR Joint Undertaking, 


"I know Sandie since 2012 as we were colleagues at the SESAR SJU; Sandie is an example of a good colleague and an excellent team player. She will go out of her way to help you in a minute with a great smile on her face. She has a creative mind and reacts to problems and challenges with resilience and perseverance, one of her great strengths is finding solutions in a creative way still with a very practical approach. Sandie is highly organized and works very well under stress. She fits perfectly well in multicultural groups and shows high respect for all cultures, races and religions. She is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend her to all positions that demand communication skills, creativity, organization of events, training and coaching."

Célia Alves Rodrigues, Environment Officer, SESAR Joint Undertaking, worked directly with Sandie at SESAR Joint Undertaking


"Sandie is a very responsible and creative person, because she is able to do a lot of things at the same time. Creativity is her advantage, the methods she uses in trainings always show its' effectiveness and give great results. Also I appreciate her skills in management and coodination - there was a lot of people involved in our project and that was incredible to see how she coordinated them all! I like her communicating skills as well beacuse it's a great pleasure to work with people like Sandie. People adore her!!! And the main thing that I like about Sandie is she always does her best."

Oksana Samoylova, Coordinator of Eurasia RMA, Eurasia Regional Monitoring Agency, Moscow.